Performance Fan: 25" Aero-Fan 
Weighted Inertia Fan: yes  
Levels of Resistance: Unlimited Adaptive Resistance 
Drive System: Single Stage Polly Belt 
20 Sealed Bearings: yes 
Solid Steel Crank: yes 9/16 threads 
4 Way Adjustable Seat: yes universal clamp mount  
Oversized Foot Pegs: yes  
Water Bottle Holder: yes  
Steel Frame: 3mm Thick Tubbing 
Product Type: Full Commercial 
Model # FBELITE-D 
Cockpit Display: 7" LCD 
RPM Tachometer: yes  
Programs: 12 
Program Quick keys: 10 
4 Target Program (Quick Keys): Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate 
4 HIIT Program (Quick Keys): 20/10, 10/20, 10/50, 60/90, 5 Mile, Custom 
Workout Feedback: Time, Speed, AVG Speed, Distance, Calories, RPM, AVG RPM, WATTS, AVG WATTS, & Heart Rate 
Wireless Heart Rate: Yes, Chest Stap Not Included 
Frame: 4 years 
Mechanical & Electrical Parts: 2 Years 
Unit Dimensions: 
Compact Dimensions: 48" L X 24" W X 58" H 
Unit Weight: 157 lbs. 
Max User Weight: 350 lbs. 

Elite HIIT Airbike

  • specs

    Beyond Commercial Grade
    The Elite Air Bike is built tough so that nothing can hold you back! Fitbox uses reliable and durable components including an automotive belt drive, double powder coated finish, 20 high performance sealed bearings, and 3mm thick reinforced steel frame. Weighing in at 157 lbs the Elite Air Bike can accommodate up to 350lb users.


    25"Steel Aero-Fan
    The innovative Aero-Fan with steel fan blades and a single stage belt drive allows for a smooth, low-impact progression towards unlimited wind resistance. The aerodynamic steel fan blades act as a weighted flywheel that facilitates quick transitions from rest to sprint during High Intensity Interval Training. Whether at home or in the gym the Fitbox Aero-Fan will keep you in command of your workout!


    HIIT Cockpit Display
    The Elite Air Bike's cockpit style display is easy to use and puts your workout at your fingertips. Whether you are using high intensity interval training atthe gym or setting personal goals at home, the 12 built-in programs were specially selected by professional fitness coaches and athletes to maximize your workout. Visually motivate yourself by monitoring RPM, Speed, WATTS, Calories, Time, Distance and Heart Rate all at the same time. The RPM tachometer clearly indicates your intensity to help you burn more calories!


    Keep an eye on the intensity of your workout with the Fitbox RPM Tachometer. The faster you pedal the more power (WATTS) you generate. The Fitbox RPM Tachometer shows you actual and average RPM to keep your workout on track.


    Accurate WATTS
    Fitbox's Aero-Fan and single stage poly drive effectively compresses air resistance to ensure that the energy you exert is accurately displayed as actual and average WATTS.


    Burn Calories
    Keeping your eye on the prize is easy with the visually motivating calorie counter and RPM Tachometer.
    + RPM = + Resistance = + Calories Burnt


    Program Quick Keys
    4 Target: Time, Distanec, Calories, HR 6 HIIT: 20/10, 10/20, 10/50, 60/90, 5 Mile, & Custom Interval


    Wireless Heart Rate
    The display is equipped with a built-in reciever that allows you to monitor your heart rate.


    Accessory Storage
    Conveniently store your water bottle, phone and other items for easy access during breaks or leisurely rides.


    4-Way Seat
    Find your perfect fit to maximize your workout!


    Direct Force Crank & Belt Drive
    Fitbox's Direct Force 3 point reinforced crank and single stage poly belt drive instantaneously respond to changes in intensity ensuring the most efficient transfer of energy. No Waste, More Gain.


    Oversized Foot Pegs
    Allows you to rest your legs during upper body isolation workouts. 20 Sealed Bearings 3mm Steel Tubing